Dogs require plenty of exercise and stimulation. There is evidence that suggests bad behaviours such as barking, destroying furniture and chewing are all common problems in dogs that are bored and lonely. Physical and mental stimulation is one of the best ways to avoid this.
Bentley the Cockerspaniel, enoying the snow

The services below can easily be tailored to suit the needs of you and your dog(s). Just book a free consultation with me to discuss your requirements.

Services available

Toilet Break Service

per visit

Please note: This service is only available within Chapelford and the immediate surrounding area.

This is an ideal service for when you are away from home for a day or are at work and your dog just needs a toilet break.

  • This visit will be for 15 minutes, which I shall do my best to encourage your dog to toilet.
  • Water bowls will be filled with fresh water on each visit.
  • Should soiling occur, the area will be cleaned with the products provided for me to use.

Home Visit

per visit

This is an ideal service if you have a puppy or dog that needs attention during the day. Regular visits can be carried out to feed and play with your dog and to give them toilet breaks.

* This service is half price if taken in conjunction with the walking service during the same visit.

  • This visit will be for 30 minutes and can be carried out up to 3 times a day.
  • Will feed your pet(s) either a regular or specialised diet.
  • Water bowls will be filled with fresh water on each visit.
  • Bowls and feeding utensils will be washed.
  • I shall amuse and play with your dog or puppy.
  • I shall administer any oral medication that may be necessary that your pet may be on.
  • All dog related rubbish will be placed in your outside wheelie bin. You must provide doggy bags.
  • If your dog is willing to pose for a photo, then a picture can be taken and emailed to you. For example, while you are on holiday and have access to check your emails, you can see how happy your pet is.
  • Alternatively, you may prefer a simple text to simply reassure you all is well.

Walking Service

per walk

I am happy to walk your dog as a one off or as a regular arrangement.

  • The walking service is available as a 30 minute time slot (£8.00).
  • I am happy to walk up to 2 dogs that are well behaved on their lead.
  • Your dog will not be walking with dogs from other families.
  • You must provide doggy bags if you wish me to walk your dog.
  • Bitches on heat and un-castrated males will not be walked.
  • Dogs will be kept on a lead at all times. If you supply me with a flexi extending lead, this will be used where safe to do so.

Emergency Pet to Vet Service

per visit

  • Contact you or the emergency contact to discuss the options.
  • Liaise with your vet (if necessary).
  • Take your dog to the vet.
  • Stay with your dog, to keep them calm and comfortable.
  • If allowed home, I will settle your dog before I leave.

Longer Visits

Please Call

In some situations, a longer home visit may be required, and I may be able to offer this facility (subject to my availability).

  • Please contact me to discuss yours and your dogs needs.

I can also work with you on any training that you are doing with your puppy/dog. I can help you become a more confident owner and help you have a great relationship with your pet.

Please ensure you read my terms & conditions.